There are three kinds of language partnerships that can provide you with CA interpreters, regardless of the languages which are involved. There are freelancers, In-house professionals and agency professionals. Which one should you hire? What are the differences between them? Is one type better for you than another? Here is an introduction to help you sort out the answers to these questions.

First of all, you need to make sure that one of the professional CA interpreters is going to be really what you need, and not a translator. An interpreter manipulates from one language to another by spoken word, while a translator manipulates messages from one language to another by written word. An interpreter would work with witness testimony in court, for example, while a translator would be able to decipher what is written on an insurance policy, perhaps. Once you are sure that it is an interpreter that you need, here is a rundown of the three different types of professionals you could hire:

In a freelance situation, you would find and hire one of the CA interpreters and pay them directly. You only deal with that one person for the entirety of your project. You should always inquire about their experience, their training and education, their background information, and any other pieces of information you feel is important. This would more than likely include things like what their availability is, how much they charge per hour, etc. You must remember that it really is a good idea to ask for references too, because you are responsible for making sure that the professional is well-qualified for the task for which you need them.

With an in-house partnership, you have the option of using the skills of any employees who are already working for your company. Probably the biggest issue with this is that just because a person speaks a foreign language does not automatically mean that they are trained to accurately interpret it. Poor interpretations create an unprofessional image for your company, which may not be worth the money you would save over hiring outside of your company.

Using an agency to provide you with CA interpreters can provide a pre-screened pool of interpreters, cutting out most of the background work you would otherwise have to do. Agencies will usually have a dedicated team working, so you might be able to find a professional even on short notice fairly easily. You will only have to pay the agency one time, even if you use more than one individual, so you will not have to pay several different people when all you needed was one of the CA interpreters to begin with!

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