Learning Japanese is an admirable decision, especially for people without experience learning new languages. Not only do you have to learn how to speak in Japanese, but you must learn a new alphabet and how its used in reading and writing. It’s not only a matter of memorizing the meanings of a few words! You should not, on the other hand, be intimidated by the task. Of course you can learn this language. There are some tips that can make the process easier. Let’s look at some useful tips that will help you with learning Japanese.

One thing you can do is buy or rent Anime videos! By doing this, you can relax and have fun while your mind picks up some Japanese. These movies and shows known as Anime are a widespread form of animation made in Japan. It’s now easy to find Anime almost anywhere in the West, whether dubbed in English or in the original Japanese version with subtitles in English. You can usually find anime online or in your favorite video rental establishment. Be sure to choose the option that plays it in Japanese and follow the subtitles. This is a very natural way to start learning the meaning of words and how people use them in phrases and sentences. This way of learning Japanese is more like entertainment than study, but it works! There are quite a few good Anime programs available, including Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop.

You should also look for Manga books. Manga are a form of Japanese illustrated novels that have also been translated into many other languages. These books can be a great way for you to practice your reading comprehension. Japanese writing goes from the back of the book to the front, and from right to left; by reading these books you’ll start to become accustomed to this style as well as what all the characters and sentences mean. Reading in your language can also help your comprehension of common slang and current word usage. This can give you some insight into popular culture, which classes and lessons may not do as much. Keep in mind when you look for Manga that these are often quite explicit!

Flash cards are a simple language learning tool that can really help. You can use a few different kinds of flash cards when learning Japanese. One set can be used for learning grammar and vocabulary words. Flash cards can also be used for learning how to form the different characters so you can start to read them.

The best method to use is to write the Japanese on one side of the card and the phonetic equivalent in your own alphabet on the reverse. Study one set of cards at a time and don’t get them confused, or you will make the process a lot harder on yourself! There is no shortage of tricks and helpful tools to make learning a language easier. You don’t have to use methods that don’t appeal to you; do what works for you. Just remember: you can learn Japanese. You can even become fluent one day if you just learn a little more every day!
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