Moving abroad can seem like a scary prospect if you do not have a home or job waiting for you.
Also, by using EPA! Español en Panama you can take away the stress of finding yourself homeless in the streets of Panama city, or some other international city. EPA! Español en Panama can help you find a host family near the school that will provide you instant support and shelter in a new country.
In a homestay, you will live with a host family and immerse yourself in their culture and language. For example, you might share meals together or they might take you around the city. Be aware that not all host families are with a nuclear family with parents and children.
Depending on your program, hosts can vary in terms of age and family situation.
Our students have been living for the past year with a family in different locations, such as: Paitilla, San Francisco, Bella Vista, and El Cangrejo. Living with a family in a foreign country provides immense benefits. When you invest hundreds to thousands of dollars for an intense language school, you need to complement this knowledge in daily activities. You have daily personal interactions with local people allowing you to incorporate yourself into the local culture. One of the aspects of a homestay are learning to cook Panamanian food with your homestay mother and socializing with a large extended family that incorporates you into their life through the homestay experience.
Additionally, you will save hundreds of dollars every month in rent, utilities, food, etc You can work out an exchange of services with your homestay family, such as exchanging English lessons for free trips that helps you use the language. It’s all up to you and your homestay family.
Your winter is our summer here in Panama and the beaches are hot, hot, hot! Panama celebrates the infamous week of Carnaval every year in February or March. During this time, Panamanians families flock to interior homes to celebrate Carnaval in style. If you play your cards right – you could land a beach homestay during the time of Carnaval and experience the street or beach party of a lifetime!
I hope I have given you some reasons to consider a homestay or beach homestay in Panama. Now is the time to be creative and cultivate experiences. Welcome aboard!

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