The English language is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is further supported with the fact that many people use the language in communication, in science and in business. It is basically the universal language.

Learning the English language is an easy task. There are many tools in the market nowadays that make it just that. One of these tools is the Pimsleur English for French Speakers. This tool uses the principle of teaching the language by the Pimsleur English Language Learning System which is an audio-based system, in which the listener constructs phrases or repeats from memory along with a recording. Simon & Schuster currently is the leading packer of this system and it is made up of multiple thirty minute lessons which are then repeated up by the user until 80% of comprehension is attained so he or she can then advance to the next lesson. Because the lessons are being repeated and you can add new material to the current lesson, the lessons do not demand 100% mastery before moving on. This system is invented by the language educator Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the Pimsleur English Language course provides its prospective students with a comprehensive, self-instructional step-by-step guide on how to learn English.

The Pimsleur English Learning System was developed by using the four principles which Dr. Pimsleur had regarded as important to forming memory associations and language recall. The following principles are as follows:
1. Anticipation
2. Graduate-interval Recall
3. Core Vocabulary
4. Organic Learning

This system is so effective because it is built upon well proven techniques and methods that proved to enable rapid and successful language learning for students of all levels of experience. This unique audio method will enable the user of the tool to learn pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar without repetitive role learning, in a similar way to how we acquired our native language components.

The Pimsleur English for French Speakers is a course that includes a 16 hour spoken English language practice in thirty 30-minute lessons from the Pimsleur Comprehensive English Level I Program and there is also an additional introduction to reading. There is also a booklet and a user’s guide which will help through the learning process of using the Pimsleur Method.

The Pimsleur Anglais audio is a state-of-the-art language course for spoken English. This amazing and well-liked Pimsleur course does not use a book but uses a completely aural approach to language learning, which is really perfect in learning “on-the-go”. This also features a system of proficiency-base that assists the learner in learning through listening and speaking practice.

In using the Pimsleur English for French Speakers, one could surely expect to learn the English language in no time at all.

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