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I can not just believe myself just how easy the Indonesian grammar is. When I first learned Indonesian language years ago when I just came to Indonesia to work as a teacher, I decided to learn Indonesian language so that I could communicate with the locals. Then I looked for a professional Bahasa Indonesia teacher to teach me how to speak Indonesian language. Little do I know that I also had to learn some very basic Indonesian grammar. My Indonesian teacher told me then that it was really necessary for me to learn the grammar as well so that I would not have any difficulty in looking up some Indonesian words in the dictionary. So I did what she told me.

Only within a couple of hours I managed to master the basic Indonesian grammar. I could hardly believe my own ears when my teacher told me that it was enough for me to learn the grammar and that I did not need to learn the grammar any further for I only focused on my Indonesian speaking ability skills. And then she focused more on improving my Indonesian speaking skills.

Approximately six months later I could converse in pretty good Indonesian language with my local students. My students were amazed at just how good my Indonesian was!

Indonesian grammar is so simple. It is nothing difficult like the English language. Many English speakers like me might be reluctant at first when we are told to learn the Indonesian grammar. But it is really necessary. I mean it. Learning the grammar helps me understand the Indonesian language as a whole. It helps me understand how to form an adjective from a verb or a noun, and vice versa. Therefore I strongly recommend other Indonesian learners to learn Indonesian grammar as well as part of the Indonesian learning process.

About the Author

Mr. Jones is a respected Asian studies lecturer from South Carolina. He is married to an Indonesian woman who has also taught him how to speak Indonesian correctly.

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