ESL shares partnership with the schools which are offering various language courses to thousands of students. They have been successful to maintain the quality already being set by the ESL. The value of the ESL partner schools reflects through the expertise of the teachers and teaching methods executed by them. School authority provides every support to the students during the teaching course. The courses are available for every level from elementary to advance. The student can choose the level they want to enter. Entry to the course is only made on the first Monday of every month. There have been designed different courses for the students who opt for French lessons Nice. They are as follows-

Standard course- It is the course designed for the students who want to learn language as well as wish to stay at the visited place for a long time. In this course twenty lessons each of forty-five minutes are offered. The time period of the course varies from two to forty-eight weeks. The students are divided into groups and each group consists of twelve members maximum.

Intensive course- French course Nice involves ten additional lessons that consist of thirty lessons of forty-five minutes each. These additional lessons help to focus on the oral skills of each student. The group sets certain objectives to make a rapid progress. It can be done to make the group aware about the French civilization and culture. Various groups are made and each group consists of twelve members for fist twenty days. Later, groups are again made and each group consists of eight members.

Combined course- It is an excellent approach to get the best result. This is because there are set more specific objectives like phonetics, grammatical errors, exam preparation and vocabulary related to specific words. Each group is provided thirty lessons for the duration of two-forty-eight weeks.

Business course – These French courses in Nice are helpful for those individuals who want to get a strong command over the language used in business world. The level of entry in this case is however from intermediate to advance.

Exam preparation course- DELF is the exam held for the students who want to receive international recognition in this language. The duration of the course is four weeks.

One to one classes- In these classes’ specific objectives are set and training is provided to achieve those particular objectives.

After the course completion a certificate is given to the students by the school authority. Thus, the courses are designed keeping in mind the individual requirements of each of the students. Quality education and individual attention on each student is what makes ESL an ideal choice.

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