There is an increasing demand for bilingual workers who can speak Spanish and English, both in the US and overseas, due to the growing importance of the Hispanic market. In the US, Spanish is the second most-spoken language after English and globally, Spanish is the third most commonly-spoken language. The demand for Spanish speakers is also fueled by increasing trade and investment opportunities between the US and Central and Latin American countries, which require employees who can deal with their local counterparts in their native language. For workers who want to learn Spanish, the best solution could be the learn to speak Spanish software.

There is also a great demand for Spanish speakers in service industries such as retail and health care, who can deal with customers who may not be able to speak English very well or not at all. According to the US Census Bureau, as of 2007 there are 34 million Americans aged five and up who speak Spanish as the main language in their households. There are also 45 million Hispanic-Americans for whom Spanish is their first or second language. This means that applicants who can speak Spanish have an advantage over non-Spanish speaking ones. Spanish-speaking employees may also earn higher salaries than those who can only speak English.

Using learn to speak Spanish software allows workers to learn Spanish at their own pace and during their free time, without having to sacrifice nights and weekends to take classes or other formal lessons. Learn to speak Spanish software packages are also flexible enough to allow workers to learn using their own particular learning styles and their own individualized learning paths.

Learn to speak Spanish software helps workers develop their Spanish vocabulary, teach them how to comprehend spoken Spanish, provide them with conversational practice using native Spanish speakers as well as help them with the correct pronunciation of Spanish words. Learn to speak Spanish software also gives them access to online support in the form of tutors who can help them with the lessons and assess their progress, as well as fellow students with whom they can share their experiences and learning difficulties.

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