This Rocket Chinese Premium review is unbiased and objective. We got tired of reading reviews posing as a Rocket Chinese Premium review, some for it and some against it. We thought an accurate, objective review would be timely!

Let us come at such a review from a better perspective also. Your conclusion is to be able to converse in Chinese, so the best way to contemplate any Chinese program is to see how adequately it aligns with your learning style, and likewise to see how well it lines up with the best plan to acquiring a new language.

We recognize immersion is the optimal method of learning Chinese by far, it is the only way to a satisfactory conclusion unless you like spending lots of time and money to get nowhere slowly. Accordingly, as we consider this Rocket Chinese review, we will align the different features with the approach of immersion and see how it fares! Let’s get to it?

You get more than thirty on target immersive conversational scenarios, and more relevant these are the nature of conversations you will want to have in your earliest conversations. There is no other way to say it – these are highly relevant and target the type of Chinese you really want to acquire at the outset as a building point for ultimate fluency in Chinese.

The deeper we delved, the more impressed we were with the targeting of the content. Taken with the accompanying written and audio materials you have a complete guided immersion in highly relevant areas which are required for your first conversations in the Chinese language!

As would be expected perhaps, there are tools for expanding vocabulary and mastering verbs and tenses also. Where Rocket differs from the other products is that they extend the immersion simulation to their vocabulary and verb learning tools as well. As a Chinese course, the degree of integration and immersion is truly without comparison based on what we have seen! Assuming you are similar in learning style to the majority, you will find the audio immersion helping you to absorb real Chinese, instead of trying to cram facts and knowledge into your brain. Learning Chinese will come more naturally to you this way than by using any of the competing approaches even the very expensive ones!

It has almost become almost a joke for Rocket – but their graphics are a little basic and cartoon-like. We prefer to look at the underlying quality of the content to see if it will get the job done, but if you are a very visual person you might have a problem with this.

Other features include helpful Chinese-learning online forums and learning lounges. These surprised us as they were more effective than we had expected that they would be, as you get great insights into successes and failures in terms of approach. We also liked the fact that lifetime updates are free.

Our conclusion in this Rocket Chinese Premium evaluation is that this product is worth taking a close look at. The underlying design and concept are both on target, and the learning style which places high importance on immersive audio matches exactly with the best way of learning a language naturally. If you are studying for a test where you need absolutely perfect written Chinese this produce is not for you. However, for mastering Chinese to an acceptable conversational level in the shortest possible time and in the most natural way you will not go wrong and you will save a decent amount of cash over comparable products!

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