Several decades back English was spoken simply in Britain, America and a few British colonies. But now people in Asia, Africa, America are speaking English as their second language. You can find people who speak this language even in their house rather than their native language. These days everyone loves to use English as it has developed into a global language. People especially traders, commercial travellers and so on learn English speaking as it has become the tongue of global company. Today if you can’t speak English, people today might consider you an illiterate or a less knowledgeable person.

So people attempt to learn English, they don’t succeed. Explanation is that they are scared of speaking and also they abandon the plan on the way. Or perhaps they don’t know the proper way to learn English. If they can observe a systematic plan or even follow a few effective tips, they can surely learn English. Rosetta Stone English is one of their choices.

Let’s see something important below.

First, you should be patient. I am learning English and the biggest mistake I have committed is about my eagerness. I wanted to learn English speaking without spending too much time. But later, I realized that it needs time to learn. Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone Spanish is the same thing too.

Second, you need to learn to write and speak. Use English words in your daily life, like furniture, table etc. Generate notes in English if you have virtually any. Speak English if you possibly could. If you can’t speak this language fluently, start from straightforward sentences like “How do you think you’re?” “I feel fine, How do you accomplish?” Etc. Practice makes perfect.

Third, try to forget your native language. You can’t use your mother tongue with the sentences or words and phrases which you can use in this new language.

Fourth, try to watch some movies and TV series and surf the Internet. There are all kinds of English learning or English news programs availabe as well as some good movies and TV series. You just need to pick them up and learn. And also Internet is another sound strategy. You can find a number of Internet English sites. One can learn and improve his way with it. Or maybe if you don’t mind, you can try to use it, too as you learn Chinese with Rosetta Stone Chinese.

Fifth, You don’t need to be confused. There are lots of synonyms involving words in this language. People use several words to express very same things. You need not learn every concept although you should know their meanings. It takes time to learn a good Language really. Learning English obviously is like learning your mother tongue. Don’t scare! You can just do it.

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