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Learn Spanish – Time Tested Experiences for Quick Learning

Deciding to learn a new language is a fabulous idea. English and Spanish are almost equally spoken in the US. How many times do you hear messages in English translated into Spanish? This is only one good reason to learn Spanish. Yet there are a lot of people who experience difficulty with a new language. If new languages are difficult for you, what follows are some tricks and tips that may help you.

The immersion way to learn a new language is one time-tested way to become fluent fast. There would be no faster way to get fluent in Spanish, for example, than to spend time in a Spanish-speaking nation. In some American cities, you could find this situation right in the city where you live. Of course, when you visit another country you don’t have the convenient option of using your native language if you feel like it. There are many people who claim that immersing themselves in the new language made them learn it faster than they could have any other way.

Other people find it intimidating. It’s up to you whether or not this is the way you’d like to learn. Try to make yourself think in Spanish as much as possible. It may not be easy when you first try, but take any thoughts you can and turn them into Spanish. You will have to practice this, so don’t be in a hurry. Periodically throughout your day ask yourself how you would say the words you are thinking in Spanish. if you do this often, you’ll find that you get much more skilled at it. You will get faster at the translation. There will come a point when this will become automatic, and you’ll think in Spanish without trying. If you know how to think in Spanish you can work on saying those thoughts out loud–the key to truly interacting in Spanish.

Become immersed in the language. Is there anywhere close where most people speak Spanish? An excellent way to learn is by listening to a fluent conversation between two people. People are usually more than willing to help others learn their language and communicate. You won’t have to travel far, and you can get the same experience and practice with your second language.

Learning a new language, whether it is Spanish or something else, does not have to be excruciatingly difficult. You might have a rough time of it in the beginning, especially if you are not used to learning languages, but over time you will get better. Just try to stick with it, and use all the tricks you can find. Soon enough you’ll be fluent.

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Mandarin Language Courses And Positive Reinforcement

I work for a Mandarin language school in Beijing. Time and time again I am confused when I read industry promotional literature on new course material. There is always a lack of insight into the issue of motivation. I recently wrote an article for the academy newsletter where I singled out motivation as one of the absolutely key components of any language curriculum. In many ways learning mandarin is comparable to university degree. It certainly requires a similar level of commitment to reach fluency. At the same the rewards of proficiency are abstract and it is hard to motivate oneself when the destination one is working so hard to reach is not clearly defined. Because of this all course material, in my eyes, and in the eyes of the academy’s faculty, must have a clear focus on keeping students motivated. It is absolutely essential to long-term success.
In all faculty discussions two key factors are concentrated upon as the source of motivation. The first of these is fun. Studies must be interesting, entertaining or in some other way intrinsically linked to positive reinforcement of efforts made by students to sit down and study. The second of these factors is even more important as a source of positive reinforcement: results.
Results are of course an effect of studying. By any definition of a good curriculum it is certainly the case that results must be there. However, what much of the available course material fails to address is the notion of perceived results. Students must be shown how their work is leading to bigger and greater things. That when they learn a hundred new words, the effort of the hard work they put in stand in relation to he benefits they extract.
The students must perceive these results in a timely fashion. It will not do to show progress on a monthly basis by handing out a test. The students will falter before the end of the month if they are not given an indication on a fundamental level that their work is in fact producing the desired outcome. There are many ways in which this results can be shown, but almost all material leave it in the hands of teachers to do so. Optimal material should help an education in this crucial aspect.
One of the ways that results can be illustrated is by base choice of topics. There could be a much more real focus on the daily life of students instead of generally less applicable content. One favorite of the editors of these books seems to be library visits. I know, for a fact, that no person that has ever learned to speak Mandarin, has done this to visit a library, or by only visiting a library. The topics should focus on actions that students often do. Like going for a drink, or going to a restaurant, or meeting a girl or a guy for a date, playing football – not library visits, how to sing happy birthday in Chinese or how describe The Great Wall. If students are taught the stuff they need in daily life they not only practice Chinese in daily life, they are also shown, on a daily basis, that they are in fact learning heaps.
Another way of showing students their phenomenal progress, that may other way go completely unnoticed, is by not only building each new chapter on the progress of the preceding chapters, like a cake, which of course is completely the right thing to do, but to take this one dimension further an introduce an element of progress testing in the material. The books should explicitly ask grammar questions similar to those that were asked in previous chapters. That way, either by students finding similarly difficult question easier or by understanding more complex tasks that are directly linked to previously encountered easier ones, students will find direct positive reinforcement from their school books. Which must surely be something any educator in the schools that all these books go out to must consider paramount.

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Why is it Hard to Learn in French Classroom Settings?

Many people, even after applying themselves very diligently, find that it’s hard to learn in a French classroom. Many of the exercises that are traditionally used are boring and make it genuinely difficult to retain what’s supposed to be learned, simply because of the limitations of the format. In many cases, students end up conversing with one another for the better part of their class time, which has the effect of students learning to understand French only when it’s spoken by native English speakers who have very limited vocabularies and experience.

People who need to learn French fast oftentimes opt for total immersion learning. In its purest sense, this would mean flying off to Paris without a phrasebook and learning out of necessity. There are better ways to go about it, however, and there are very effective ways to do it in a classroom setting. If you have a hard time learning from the traditional language class methods, you may want to try a form of immersion learning that includes listening to dramatic stories as part of its design. This has two very important advantages toward your learning French.

* You hear it spoken by native speakers
* You’re forced to comprehend the language, not memorize it

Songs in the French classroom are sometimes used toward this end. Most often, these will be old folk songs and most people can sing at least one that they learned when they were a child. There are more modern products, however, that have stories as well as songs. Dramatic stories are a huge help to students who need to develop the listening and comprehension skills that are vital in the first stages of becoming fluent. By listening to native speakers, you become an expert listener, which eventually leads to you becoming an expert speaker.

The characters in a play help you to learn French fast simply by acting like normal people. When they’re upset, they say words in certain ways and use certain phrases that every French speaker uses. When they’re talking to a romantic interest or a friend, they address them appropriately. This context helps you to learn how French speakers actually speak to one another, not how English speakers learning French speak to one another. Learning by traditional classroom methods is simply not dynamic or realistic enough to provide real benefit, in addition to being tedious.

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Dr.Dennis Dunham has over 25 years in international education experience and is a co-creator of, a website designed to help you learn French the right way. If you’ve tried every language product out there and haven’t made progress, visit to see how learning French can be easy and fun.

Skype English Conversation – Intensive Course Options

If you find yourself in the position where you only have a few weeks to prepare for an upcoming trip to an English speaking country, but find that your English skills are less than stellar, there is no need to panic. There are a wide range of English language courses that can be taken in a matter of days or weeks that can give you the skills and confidence that you need to convey your message, no matter what type of situation you may find yourself in. A Skype English conversation course is a good way to obtain a solid foundation in the language, or to build on existing skills.
There are a number of benefits to choosing a Skype English conversation course over other types of programs. That includes the fact that you will have the ability to speak with a native English speaker, and there is no better way to sharpen existing skills than to practice in a real life conversation. Skype is a program that allows you to see and hear the person that you are speaking to, over the internet and without the typical fees that would be associated with long distance phone calls.
With the help of current technological methods such as a Skype English conversation course, you can have the type of intensive immersion experience that previously you could only experience by actually visiting a native English speaking country. As a result, students are able to learn at a far more rapid rate with this type of method than they would in a regular classroom setting. An intensive course will be more successful if it allows for more one on one conversational practice, and a focus of attention on those specific areas that you are personally struggling with.
In a group setting, by contrast, students may find that they are held back by the needs of other students, who might have different prior training. This is a common reason why it can take years to see any positive results in language skills. By using a Skype English conversation course instead, the training can be tailored to meet your specific strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to see serious results in a shorter amount of time. For those who need to travel soon, or have an important business coming up in the near future with English speaking clients, there may be no better way to whip skills into shape and gain a renewed sense of confidence with the English language.

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Software Learning for French

Choosing a suitable way to learn French is extremely important. Or if a wrong course is chosen, life in front is difficult to imagine.

Usually people who learn French choose to buy a book or go to a French learning center. But they ignore one important factor-software!

I am not saying software learning is best for French learning, but at least it is a wise way. Since you know today the modern technology has been prosperous in almost every aspect in our daily life, why not choose a technological way to learn French, a graceful and scented language?

When you choose to learn French by a computer software, you just need to open your computer any time you are free and put the software into it. Then you can watch and learn. But remember, try to pick up your ears to listen, for a new language maybe is difficult for you to trace its very pronunciation correctly. So in the beginning you need to be cautious and patient. You can easily make mistakes on the way, but come on and never lose heart anyway.

In the beginnig you can just learn very easy things like vocabulary for French. Once you move on, you will learn how to make up a sentence in French. With relentless practice, you will learn French well.

But you may have the problem to choose a software. There are all kinds of French learning software on the market. You just don’t know which one to choose. Actually Rosetta Stone French may be one sound choice for you, for it has enclosed good features in itself. You may try.And others hope to learn more languages either for work use or just for interest, Rosetta stone can give them proper items that will help people a lot. For example, someone wants to learn Spanish which is often useful. Rosetta Stone Spanish is avaible. While others may want to learn Italian, and Rosetta Stone Italian is availabe too.

Finally, using a software to lean Hindi, or even any foreign language will give you good benefits. Try it and catch the vogue by the way.

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Ways for Homeschoolers to Learn to Speak French

Providing French homeschool lessons can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are resources that can help children to learn French online and some truly innovative products that make the entire process much easier. These programs oftentimes incorporate music, a powerful educational tool that is left out of most language programs. Learning to speak French is no easy endeavor, but learning to sing French can be a lot of fun, in addition to being one of the most effective ways to foster comprehension and retention of the lessons given.

A French homeschool lesson can be a lot more fun than a public school lesson. For one thing, there’s sometimes the factor of the teacher perhaps not being a fluent French speaker themselves. Far from being a hindrance, this can be a lot of fun. Learning with your children is a great way to teach them. Instead of just teaching them the materials involved with the lesson, you’re actually teaching them how one goes about learning a new thing. You can make this part of your lesson plans, learning to speak French along with your children and having fun the whole time.

A French homeschool lesson can also be much more profound than a standard public school lesson. Because singing, music and stories are involved, there is cause for the child to learn beyond passing their exams. You can make it truly fun by following along with the story, seeing where the twists and turns of the plots lead and, most importantly, noticing your own progress along the way. As you understand more about the lessons, you’ll find that you understand more of what’s being said and that you become sensitive to subtleties in the language that usually take a very long time to even notice, much less comprehend.

Teaching French in homeschool classrooms is well worth the effort. There are over 80 nations where this language is spoken as a means of fostering commerce and understanding. In some of these nations, people speak other languages in addition to French and French serves as the lingua franca. If you hope that, someday, your child will be able to travel the world, you’ll find that you’ve equipped them well by teaching them this important language. The best way to go about it starts with having the best materials possible, and these oftentimes employ innovative techniques, such as music.

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Dr.Dennis Dunham has over 25 years in international education experience and is a co-creator of, a website designed to help you learn French the right way. If you’ve tried every language product out there and haven’t made progress, visit to see how learning French can be easy and fun.

Online Spanish Courses And Resources

If you would like to learn Spanish and master it as quickly as possible, then there are some things that you can do to make it happen. By learning to speak Spanish you will have the world opened up to you. There are more than 600 million Spanish language speakers in many different countries around the world as both first language and second language speakers.

As an English speaker, learning Spanish is reasonably easy. There are many words that are very similar and since it is a Latin based language, English speakers can figure out much of the vocabulary based on Latin roots. Remembering the language tends to be easier than some other languages due to the similarity in the vocabulary.

If you want to learn a language quickly, then you need to immerse yourself in it. First you need to find a class – this can either be face to face classes, online classes or a software program. There are pros and cons to each style of learning, so it is best to look into each of the options and choose the one that works best for you.

Relying on one method of learning to make you fluent is unlikely to work or will take a long time at the very least. As well as your classes, you should be proactive with your learning. You can find an amazing amount of information, resources and tools on the internet to help you with learning Spanish.

There are lots of internet based resources that you can easily put to use in order to get better at Spanish. You can change your internet browser to a Spanish language one so that a lot of the sites that you look up reveal Spanish language information and you can read the news daily at a Spanish language website rather than doing it in English. This will help to expand your vocabulary, grammar and reading skills quickly.

As well as going to your classes to learn Spanish, you can also reinforce what you learn at the class when you get home. You can use the internet to help you with practicing the language that you learn in each class and interact with it and become more confident using it. Spanish verbs are quite complex, so practicing the different forms online outside your class is going to help you advance more quickly.

You can also find several different websites that will connect you with native Spanish speakers for an online language exchange. This means that through video chat or messaging you can practice your skills with a Spanish speaker as well as helping them to perfect their English language skills – for free! This is a terrific method to use in order to increase your speaking and listening skills.

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If you really want to take online Spanish courses and master this language it as quickly as you can, then you need to immerse yourself in the language courses. You can do this without having to take a sabbatical to a Spanish speaking country, by using the internet to spend as much time as you can surrounded by the language. Learning a foreign language is very rewarding and enjoyable and Spanish is a wonderfully romantic and beautiful language to take on.

Rocket Chinese Premium Review – Learn Mandarin Chinese Online The Right Way

This Rocket Chinese Premium review is unbiased and objective. We got tired of reading reviews posing as a Rocket Chinese Premium review, some for it and some against it. We thought an accurate, objective review would be timely!

Let us come at such a review from a better perspective also. Your conclusion is to be able to converse in Chinese, so the best way to contemplate any Chinese program is to see how adequately it aligns with your learning style, and likewise to see how well it lines up with the best plan to acquiring a new language.

We recognize immersion is the optimal method of learning Chinese by far, it is the only way to a satisfactory conclusion unless you like spending lots of time and money to get nowhere slowly. Accordingly, as we consider this Rocket Chinese review, we will align the different features with the approach of immersion and see how it fares! Let’s get to it?

You get more than thirty on target immersive conversational scenarios, and more relevant these are the nature of conversations you will want to have in your earliest conversations. There is no other way to say it – these are highly relevant and target the type of Chinese you really want to acquire at the outset as a building point for ultimate fluency in Chinese.

The deeper we delved, the more impressed we were with the targeting of the content. Taken with the accompanying written and audio materials you have a complete guided immersion in highly relevant areas which are required for your first conversations in the Chinese language!

As would be expected perhaps, there are tools for expanding vocabulary and mastering verbs and tenses also. Where Rocket differs from the other products is that they extend the immersion simulation to their vocabulary and verb learning tools as well. As a Chinese course, the degree of integration and immersion is truly without comparison based on what we have seen! Assuming you are similar in learning style to the majority, you will find the audio immersion helping you to absorb real Chinese, instead of trying to cram facts and knowledge into your brain. Learning Chinese will come more naturally to you this way than by using any of the competing approaches even the very expensive ones!

It has almost become almost a joke for Rocket – but their graphics are a little basic and cartoon-like. We prefer to look at the underlying quality of the content to see if it will get the job done, but if you are a very visual person you might have a problem with this.

Other features include helpful Chinese-learning online forums and learning lounges. These surprised us as they were more effective than we had expected that they would be, as you get great insights into successes and failures in terms of approach. We also liked the fact that lifetime updates are free.

Our conclusion in this Rocket Chinese Premium evaluation is that this product is worth taking a close look at. The underlying design and concept are both on target, and the learning style which places high importance on immersive audio matches exactly with the best way of learning a language naturally. If you are studying for a test where you need absolutely perfect written Chinese this produce is not for you. However, for mastering Chinese to an acceptable conversational level in the shortest possible time and in the most natural way you will not go wrong and you will save a decent amount of cash over comparable products!

See a more in-depth Rocket Chinese Premium Review

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Learn Easy Japanese With These Four Tips

Remember your first few days in middle school or high school when you were signed up to take Spanish or French as a second language?Well, learning Japanese can generate the same sort of excitement and anticipation. Japanese, so totally different than many other world languages, is actually quite easy to learn if your follow these four tips I use to teach my own students.

1. Make Mistakes. That’s right, the more errors you make, the more you know what you don’t know. And that’s the larger part of learning. Making mistakes will help you learn more easily than you dreamed possible. You or others may laugh when you fail, but you’re learning to win! So, at first, don’t be afraid of failing a lot!

2. Learn Katakana. A writing system the Japanese use for importing words from other languages into their own, Katakana is most used to express English words. Learning Katakana will help you sound out words that are very familiar to you, only they will be written in Japanese. Learning to read Japanese that makes you sound out words you already know is a real confidence builder as you begin learning.

3. Take Chances. Speaking in any language, even your own, can sometimes be risky business. Take the risk. The worse that can happen is that you will learn what NOT to do. Consider the fact that sometimes it’s important to do something and fail, than to do nothing all. Japanese folks will never sneer at you if you attempt to communicate with them in their own language, they may laugh little but they will appreciate your efforts in the kindest way – they’ll help you. Face it, when you visit Japan you will stand out as a tourist and you’re bound to make some mistakes no matter how much you’ve prepared. Don’t be timid because of it, go ahead and take some chances, the native folks will help you.

4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. It may get boring, but stick with it. Repetition fixes things in your brain so that they become almost automatic in response to certain situations. Hone your skills, especially regarding the language, so you can easily call them up when necessary.

If it happens to rain on the day you were going to the beach or go shopping, use the time to read up on culture or news and practice your phrases or language lessons. Commuting time shouldn’t be wasted time. Listen to audio CD’s in your car. Or down load lessons onto your iPod and listen to them as you walk, or take the train or bus, to get to work.

A delightful language, learning Japanese could give you a career boost, help you make overseas friends, or help you have fun on an already exciting tour of the land.

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If you enjoyed this article and you’re itching to start learning Japanese, check out basic Japanese phrases on my website, where I teach you learn easy Japanese.

Easily Learn English

Several decades back English was spoken simply in Britain, America and a few British colonies. But now people in Asia, Africa, America are speaking English as their second language. You can find people who speak this language even in their house rather than their native language. These days everyone loves to use English as it has developed into a global language. People especially traders, commercial travellers and so on learn English speaking as it has become the tongue of global company. Today if you can’t speak English, people today might consider you an illiterate or a less knowledgeable person.

So people attempt to learn English, they don’t succeed. Explanation is that they are scared of speaking and also they abandon the plan on the way. Or perhaps they don’t know the proper way to learn English. If they can observe a systematic plan or even follow a few effective tips, they can surely learn English. Rosetta Stone English is one of their choices.

Let’s see something important below.

First, you should be patient. I am learning English and the biggest mistake I have committed is about my eagerness. I wanted to learn English speaking without spending too much time. But later, I realized that it needs time to learn. Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone Spanish is the same thing too.

Second, you need to learn to write and speak. Use English words in your daily life, like furniture, table etc. Generate notes in English if you have virtually any. Speak English if you possibly could. If you can’t speak this language fluently, start from straightforward sentences like “How do you think you’re?” “I feel fine, How do you accomplish?” Etc. Practice makes perfect.

Third, try to forget your native language. You can’t use your mother tongue with the sentences or words and phrases which you can use in this new language.

Fourth, try to watch some movies and TV series and surf the Internet. There are all kinds of English learning or English news programs availabe as well as some good movies and TV series. You just need to pick them up and learn. And also Internet is another sound strategy. You can find a number of Internet English sites. One can learn and improve his way with it. Or maybe if you don’t mind, you can try to use it, too as you learn Chinese with Rosetta Stone Chinese.

Fifth, You don’t need to be confused. There are lots of synonyms involving words in this language. People use several words to express very same things. You need not learn every concept although you should know their meanings. It takes time to learn a good Language really. Learning English obviously is like learning your mother tongue. Don’t scare! You can just do it.

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We can learn all kinds of things, from economy to daily life, from the scientific learning to language aquisition. I wrote about something about software before, like Rosetta Stone English and Rosetta Stone Japanese, and of course some other things, like biology, chemistry, or even literature.

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