Do you want to learn Spanish but don’t know how? There are a lot of methods to start learning Spanish. However, each method may be suitable for a different person so it’s very important to choose the one which is the most appealing to you. Here are three methods which you should consider:

1. Move to a Spanish speaking country
Easier said than done, but it’s the most effective method to learn Spanish. If you work remotely or if you are a freelancer, it should be way easier for you to move. However, it definitely requires a LOT of courage and some sacrifices. Total immersion is the best because it forces you to learn a lot every single day. You will achieve great results in no time! It’s very useful to learn at least basic vocabulary from a phrasebook before leaving your country. When you arrive at your Spanish-speaking destination, forget about your native language – try to communicate only in Spanish even though you don’t know a lot of words. You can write to someone from Couchsurfing (a site which connects travelers) who lives in the place where you want to go and ask if he or she wants to show you around.

2. Mi Vida Loca
Mi Vida Loca is an interactive way to learn Spanish created by BBC. It’s a TV drama in which you take part but it’s difficult to describe if you don’t check it. Basically, you are playing a role of a guy who visits his friend in Spain. But something changes and after a while you are involved in a compelling and dramatic story. Mi Vida Loca teaches Spanish right from the beginning – in the first episode you learn how to talk with a taxi man and find the apartment of your friend. Episode by episode, you learn more difficult Spanish words and phrases. After watching all episodes (and learning!) you should be able to get by in Spanish in everyday situations but remember that it will be only a basic understanding of Spanish.

3. Paid course
There are a lot of paid courses which teach you Spanish from the beginning to the intermediate or advanced level. There are a lot of advantages of these courses: they are complex, professional and cover the most useful part of the language. They teach you how to read, pronounce, you can also improve your listening and speaking skills. However, I want to warn you: NONE of these courses will teach you fluent, flawless Spanish. It depends only on you whether you will become fluent or not. These courses are not so cheap, but investing more money will definitely motivate you to work harder.

Which of these methods appeal to you the most? How bad do you want to learn Spanish?

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