August, 2011

Why learn french?

French is spoken fluently by around 120 million inhabitants worldwide, of whom 50 million live in France itself.
Plus spoken in many other parts of the earth including Canada (particularly Quebec), Belgium, Switzerland, numerous countries right through North, Central, and West Africa, as well as a number of Asian countries.

As an expat (UK) when you speak French, it sounds romantic and sexy and fascinating.
In England we speak French every day
Using such phrases such as
C’est la vie (that is life)
De ja vu ,
RSVP (respondez s’il vous plait) or
Excusez-moi (as Delboy would say!)

Or how about expressions like Entrepreneur or hors d’oeuvre,
they get integrated in our conversations as matter of course.

There are reports (wikipedia) that around 30% of all English terms have a french origin many imported through out the centuries following the Norman Conquest of 1066.
Our lives and language have been entwined for centuries and really no more than the pronunciation of many words are changed
..Therefore the excellent news for all of you who aspire to speak french, is that you are already around a 3rd of the way there!!

In the UK we are taught fundamental French in School and many of us disliked it ..But I know that as I grew up I admired anybody who can be fluent in a foreign language, and I really wanted to learn and speak French.

I am blessed to be in the situation that I am in , living here in France, being able to practice on a daily basis. It is hard in as much as complete immersion is splendid but if you don’t understand the basics you can struggle to understand what is going on, especially in real life situations , they speak so quickly!!!!!

It is also valuable to get your confidence. Generally people are patient and really want to help you to learn and improve. In the 5 years that we have owned our farmhouse here, in France, we have not come across anybody who has been rude or impatient with us, in-fact the French people go out of their way to help us and often apologise for not speaking English (hey, why ought to they, we live in their land!)

Anyway ..My point is ..There isn’t one solution
Some would advocate an online course, or listening to MP3’s or reading books, or a residential course or a tutor or weekly lessons ..What I think is you need a combination:

*There is little point in learning something and then not practicing it,
You must learn something in a fun, straightforward way, not laboriously otherwise you will give up! So discover a way to practice and converse french frequently
*From time to time you need to re-learn or re-evaluate things that you have learned, so a point of reference is always useful (book, recording etc)
*Gain knowledge of from someone native from that country, all my French teachers at school were English and then I wonder why my accent is so bad!
*Using an online French program that does not confine you to only reading or just listening and repeating is good. *Make sure you go for an interactive program so it engages all your senses and therefore intensify the learning experience
*Practice is important, if you have a tutor once a week do you really think you will improved? ..If you arrange a tutor and practice using an online/download program as well you will recieve both
*Have a holiday and practice, have fun with your new skill , grow your confidence
*Take pleasure in the learning journey

So what ever your motivation for learning French is ..Have fun ..

And remember you understand more than you think already!

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I love France and I am sure you do too..if yes ..then you will love my site, a mixture of my life in France,my observations plus a few great tips and ideas about how to learn the language and make the most of France and all it has to offer (even if you don’t live there!)

Learn Korean Online: Why You Should Try Learning This Foreign Language

Understanding how to speak Korean calls for a certain amount of commitment, since the dialect is quite dissimilar from just about any, and certainly deviates drastically from popular Indo-European languages like English, Spanish and French. Why would any individual wish to learn to speak it?

Certainly, for one, South Korea’s overall economy is one of the most successful in the world. This is important to notice given escalating market globalization. Although in past times Japan was seen as the powerhouse economy of Asia, and presently the People’s Republic of China receives the most interest, it’s important not to overlook South Korea. Whenever someone studies the Gross domestic product of the major economic performers globally, South Korea enters the picture at close to 4 % expansion (higher than the US). The country’s manufacturing industry is robust, that leads to an equally formidable export economy. Many of the merchandise built in Korea include electronics, computer chips, and LCD and plasma monitors. The rise of Hyundai Motors around the world has additionally contributed to economic expansion in the country. Those people who are studying global enterprise, for instance, may well discover they have got an advantage in learning Korean.

You can also grow your cultural horizons by learning Korean. In case you journey to Korea and recognize some of the dialect, individuals are usually pleased with you, particularly if you’re not of Korean descent. You’ll be able to get about the country much simpler by doing this, particularly the further away you get from your bigger cities. In addition, you open yourself up to having the capacity to study Korean poetry and historical writings in the primary language.

You need to understand the basics of the dialect first and build from those. Here are a few phrases that you should practice.

To say “good morning”, “good afternoon”, or “good evening” in Korean, you state “annyong haseyo”.

Asking someone how they are, ask “annyong hashimnikka?”

To informally state “hello?” on the phone in Korean, the expression is “yoboseyo?”

If you encounter a person the first time, you can say “mannaseo bangawoyo”, which translates to “pleased to meet you”. The formal version of this is “mannaseo bangaseumnida”.

The Korean language contains a sophisticated structure of terms to use based on age variances or societal status. If, for instance, you are speaking with somebody who is older than you, you would employ the formal versions. You should become acquainted with these guidelines when learning to speak Korean.

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To Learn Korean can be a fulfilling activity whether you are doing it for fun or business. Visit us to sign up for our Newsletter and Learn Korean online.

Parlez vous Francais? Technology and Languages in the 21st Century Classroom

Some three quarters of the world’s population speak not a word of English. When translated into hard figures, that equates to well over four billion people.

With this in mind, anyone entering the world of business armed with at least one foreign language under their belt will be far better positioned to operate globally; indeed, with the advent of the internet era, globalisation is probably one of the biggest business buzzwords going.

However, it has long been established that the best time to learn a foreign language is when you’re young – in fact, the younger the better. Young minds are like sponges for information and as can be seen across much of Scandinavia and Western Europe where English or another foreign tongue is mandatory from a young age in school, the degree of multilingualism is far greater.

Alas, many English speaking countries such as the UK simply don’t introduce foreign language lessons until age 11 or 12 which, whilst isn’t a disaster, isn’t ideal. However, with the right approach in the classroom, teachers can make language learning fun, interactive and, ultimately, equip youngsters with the right linguistic skills to enter the wider working world.

Given that most children these days are exposed to interactive multimedia devices from a young age, be it laptops, digital media players or mp3 players, a dusty old French textbook may not quite have the same people in the classroom. For children to learn a language, they have to be interested, and this is why technology should be utilised in the classroom to its full potential.

Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are becoming increasingly commonplace in classrooms across the country, with the multimedia displays drawing on the imagination of young learners of all ages. Children can watch French films, listen to Parisian dialogue, interact with the on-screen events with a personal learner response system (LRS) and collaborate with each other and the teacher.

Indeed, the LRS facilitates question and answer sessions, with children able to submit answers that are instantly displayed on the IWB – a great way to improve French grammar. Moreover, there are a whole host of interactive whiteboard resources<a/> available to teachers and young language learners, which can help bring French or any other language to life in the classroom.

With the right approach and the right tools, it’s possible for any child to learn another language. What better way to equip a young mind for the globalised business world than arming them with fluency in a foreign tongue?

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Paul Buchanan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Best Employment Strategy Consists Of Mastering The Chinese Language

Now more than ever it will be crucial to be able to shine above other potential applicants. Excellent ACT scores no longer are the only thing a person needs in this market. As a result, take into consideration a few items an individual might complete to be able to shine above other potential applicants. All one requires will be free time, access to a desktop plus an outstanding Chinese language school to enhance her or his employment resume.

Employers are aware personnel that will be able to speak two languages furnish greater advantages to the business. Given that China is an emerging market it only makes sense learning the Chinese language. An individual will notice international deals are performed on a daily basis. Knowing how to converse in Mandarin helps those business transactions go without problems.

Being bilingual places a person in a unique situation. Plus if an individual went to a Chinese language school within China then he or she could certainly be different than the pack. Experiencing the Chinese culture firsthand provides an individual excellent advantages. For example, an individual is able to know the way to speak to them. One ought to notice every country has certain ways of life. Whenever one has learned those traditions then business relationships are capable of being better. An employee who is able to form strong connections together with customers will supply a company a lot of income.

After one has her or his job resume completed he or she needs to find a corporation that has an opening. It is incredibly vital to be able to be noticed. Place profiles on business plus networking internet sites such as LinkedIn plus ZoomInfo. Whenever a person appears on multiple databases it tells recruiters they want to be discovered. Whenever one is not able to be located, then an individual is not able to be employed.

When an individual will have a meeting with an employer he or she must be prepared regarding this interview. An individual might want to do some exploration so that he or she is aware of this organization. Investigate the company so that one can prepare the correct interview inquiries. When an individual happens to be familiar with the organization, it shows a recruiter she or he is sincere about wanting that job position.

Following an interview a person must provide a letter of thanks. In the follow up note maybe a person possibly will pose the answer for a dilemma that had been talked about while at their interview. If a recruiter will like the solution, then this specific communication provides an individual a leg up on the other candidates.

One will discover it tends to be everything a person does that will make her or him stand out from the pack. Thus, dedicate the time, get a desktop and also attend an outstanding Chinese language school in order to boost the job resume. Recruiters will notice these additional actions an individual makes and take into consideration the factors when selecting employees.

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If you like this language, then you may also enjoy learn Arabic language, learn Spanish language and learn sign language.

The convenience of learning Spanish online

The influence of Spanish in such important countries as the United States is essential. due to the large amounts of Spanish-speaking people in this country, so it is said is the second language in this country.

This phenomenon is because America is a country surrounded by Hispanic-speaking countries like Mexico and all Central American countries, with the exception of Brazil. For this to increase the arrival of Spanish-language population in this country, the inhabitants themselves and Americans are getting used to the language they learn to everyday interaction.

It is very common to see why every day more Americans are learning some Spanish words, because of the need that has been developed to interact with people who do not speak English. For this can now be found daily online that offer online courses teaching the Spanish language via skype.

This new form of online education is used by many people in North America who are interested in learning the language fully and didactic. This form of learning is based on the interaction between the two people involved in the course, this because the person who is learning to communicate through skype with the person, which is located in a Hispanic speaking country which makes that learning Spanish is more effective.

And we say it is more effective because if this rich language is taught by a native South American, as this person teach the language naturally and not be taught with words or terms that make it impossible to understand the ideas via the Internet.

One of the most important advantages is the convenience to take the online Spanish lessons because the only thing you need is to have on hand a computer and Internet access, only that it is necessary to take those lessons, which in a very short amount of time will give the expected results.

Another advantage is the flexibility it gives us the internet to arrange the schedules of lessons with our tutor, and you can take lessons at any time of day, this can be observed when looking for Spanish courses online since the time tutors depends on people having access to the course.

These reasons make learning Spanish in line is the favorite for Americans interested in learning the Spanish language, which has displaced the Spanish classes that are required in the student’s presence, that the comforts offered by the Internet access to take lessons from anywhere, anytime, taking the class with the intensity that the student requires and decide.

For all these reasons given above and many more, is that Spanish lessons online, are turning some of the best options when wanting to learn another language for Americans, which can tell us the need or interest Americans to learn this language, which previously said it is almost the second language in this country.

You can have as a conclusion or summary that Spanish is becoming more important in the lives of Americans given the number of Hispanic-speaking people today live in this country and given the tools by which we can get these lessons across this is increasingly easier to learn other languages.

The Spanish lessons online are coming more and more to many people because of the convenience and effectiveness that they bring, this due in large part because Spanish tutors online are native South Americans which gives a dynamic and effectiveness in the lesson.

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Andres Colmenares

Deciding On the Best Basic Spanish Courses for Beginner Students

If you’re looking for basic Spanish courses for getting you on track in learning the Spanish language, then you won’t have any trouble with choices as you will find many hundreds of them around. The thing you should concern yourself with is picking out the best course for a beginner.

Simple lessons in Spanish

When we say basic Spanish courses, these are lessons chiefly suitable for beginner learners. Many of these products typically cover simple grammar, frequent sentences utilised in daily conversations and basic vocabulary. Briefly, starter courses are for those who are seeking to understand the Spanish language as used in everyday life.

What to check out

In selecting Spanish training programs, make sure that the one you decide upon is explicitly created for someone who is just starting his or her foray into learning Spanish. It needs to be intensive when it comes to touching on the fundamentals but should not be too complicated that beginners will get lost in the lessons.

You can find different formats from which you’ll be able to choose from. You can use guides, CDs and DVDs, video lessons, audio recordings or attend classroom training. The format you will choose should depend on which method you happen to be most comfy with.

If you happen to be more the reading kind, find books that cover simple sentence structure and simple grammar. On the other hand, if you also want to understand proper pronunciation, then it is best to select materials that have audio features, such as CDs and downloadable recordings.

How to learn quickly

Beginner students should start learning the commonest terms first and then progress on to sentence construction. The simplest method of nailing down correct sentence composition is by looking into common phrases that tourists use when they stay at Spanish-speaking places.

To sharpen your speaking ability and frequently evaluate how far the lessons have gotten you, rehearse by talking out aloud. Even better, make an effort to engage in communication with Spanish speaking individuals so you can listen to how they say specific words and compare the way you say yours.

There are Spanish training on the Internet that actually allow students to have real time conversations with native speakers or present recorded audio materials. You can even register at forums where Spanish speakers get together.

Basic Spanish courses can get you on your way in the direction of learning the simple rules and twists of the language. It could also direct you towards a more intensive and advanced learning level that can come in useful when you need it.

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Do you know that Online Spanish Courses are a great method to be taught Spanish fast and conveniently without having to leave home? Check out more about the top programs accessible as well as consumer reports at

Rocket Spanish Premium – Quickest Way to Learn Spanish

Are you studying Spanish now and need better resources to make your learning task easier?

If your answer is “yes”, then you should tried out a product that will help you learn how to speak Spanish easier and much faster.

The product is called
Rocket Spanish Premium: Learning Spanish like a Rocket
. The product is the quickest way to learn Spanish. Before I get started discussing the product let me tell you a little about my experience with Spanish as my secondary language.

Many of you may remember in high school that you are required to take a two-year course in a secondary language. I decided to take Spanish in my freshman and sophomore year. During my freshman year in high school, I was speaking Spanish in class, however, I felt like I wasn’t learning anything. I mean, sure I was speaking Spanish in class but I wasn’t getting any knowledge from it. In fact, I have never spoken Spanish outside of the classroom and because of this I have never had any knowledge of the language. In my sophomore year, It became more difficult. What I mean is that when I was finished with my first year of Spanish, I had my summer vacation. Three months of having fun and hanging out with friends until the next school year start. By that time, I had forgotten everything I have learned from my previous year of high school. When I started my second year of Spanish, I have already forgotten everything that I learned in Spanish 1 which made it difficult for me at the start. Even though I have passed by Spanish classes, I still felt like I didn’t learn enough to keep interested in speaking the language. With
Rocket Spanish Premium
, I would have been more motivated to learn, to understand, and to speak Spanish.

So anyway I went to the following link to check out Rocket Spanish Premium:

What caught my attention is the big bold blue heading about learning to speak Spanish in less than 8 weeks. That sure beats learning it in 4 – 8 months.

Right now, the company has a special promotion going on with the downloadable version of the program, which is the best deal that I have seen on the internet about learning the quickest way to speak Spanish.

What also caught my attention is the “Free 6-day Spanish Course” they offered which has selected audio tracks, lessons and activities from the Full Rocket Spanish Premium course and it’s totally free.

What I also like about this program is the content. Interactive audio lessons, grammar and culture lessons, software games, Spanish learners forum, and a lifetime membership to other course materials. And all of this for a reasonable low price.

The companies claims that
Rocket Spanish Premium
is the easiest and quickest way to learn Spanish or they will refund your money, 60-days guaranteed.

So is it really worth buying
Rocket Spanish Premium
? With the easiest and quickest way to learn Spanish at a very low price and guaranteed to work within 8 weeks? Yes, it is worth it. I only wish that I had it earlier when I was in high school 9 years ago.

To see more on
Rocket Spanish Premium
, click any of the links above.

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Hi! My name is Chris and I’m a marketer of the internet. I review and discuss new products that just came out and promote them.

Tips on Learning Bahasa Indonesia Successfully

Tips on Learning Bahasa Indonesia Successfully

Interested in learning bahasa Indonesia? For those who have learned Indonesian language for quite a long time but with no success, you might be wondering what you did wrong or what you should do to really master the language. These tips below could give you a better idea of how you should learn Bahasa in the most effective way so that you will be able to speak the language within a short period of time.

The first rule of leraning Bahasa Indonesia is to find yourself a professional, certified Indonesian language teacher. Forget about engaging yourself in a free language exchange program. You do not want to be taught by someone who can barely speak English, do you? You would only end up teaching the person how to speak English. If you are a beginner who have never learned the language at all, it is strongly suggested that you enroll in a private Indonesian language course rather than a group class. That way your teacher will direct and guide you more personally so that your Indonesian language skill will improve more rapidly.

The second tip in learning Bahasa Indonesia is: be serious! Remember, no pain, no gain. Therefore if you are really serious to learn Indonesian language, try to memorize some commonly used Indonesian words and phrases. Also, do all the assignments that your Indonesian language teacher gives you. Never underestimate all the assignments given by your teacher as these will eventually improve your overall Indonesian language speaking skill.

Thirdly, practice and always practice. Try to practice your Indonesian language with the locals. Learning bahasa Indonesia would not be effective if you do not practice how to use it. However, if you are living outside Indonesia and have no one to practice with, try to tell yourself any story in Indonesian language, and then retell the story to your Bahasa teacher so that your teacher can correct you if you make mistakes.

If you really follow all these ground rules, your overall Indonesian language skill should improve within a short period of time. Indonesian language is one of the easiest languages in the world, therefore you should not find any difficulties in learning bahasa Indonesia if you truly learn the language seriously.

For more information regarding learning Bahasa Indonesia, please visit: Indonesian Language Course and Lesson

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Mr. Jones is an Asian culture and language expert and is a senior lecturer at one of the leading universities in South East Asia

The tips of learning written Japanese

If you want to study and work in Japan, then it is necessary to learn
how to write Japanese. Once you have the ability to read and write
Japanese, you surely will be less stress to live and enjoy the new

Japanese is written in a combination of Kana and Kanji scripts. There
are only 46 phonetic syllables in kana. But kanji contain about 2000
characters borrowed from Chinese in the 6th century that there were
even no written forms in Japanese at that time.

Ancient Japanese studied the Chinese characters, took the meaning and
shape into their own language. Most characters incorporated Japanese
pronunciations, few are still remain Chinese pronunciation. There are
two versions of kana with the same pronunciation – hiragana
katakana. The difference between them is the shape of writing, the
first one is rounded in shape and very smooth, the second looks like
the font of times new roman in English.

Hiragana are used at verb endings to show the sentence in different
tense. Katakana are used to present words borrowed from western
language and sound effect. Both of them are also used for emphasis
purpose which is quite similarly when we use italics. Because the
pronunciation of each kana is the same, so you won’t have too
much trouble to remember spelling. If you can master the 46 kana well,
then to it is won’t a problem to let you write a composition.

However, you need to take some time to learn kanji. According to
Japanese Ministry of Education, there approximately 2000 kanji are
officially teaching in the school. Be patient when you study kanji
characters. In Japanese school, students only learn 100 to 200 every
year till finish at least nine years education to master all kanji.
Therefore, the best way to learn is practice and practice.

here is a recemandation of  Rocket
if you are learning
now  or you are interested in Japanese

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i hated to learn language at the first time, but i started to have interest in it from my traveling around the world, i found it is really fan when you can interact with locals in their own languages…

The Laos Exchange Student:Learn Chinese Well to Find A Good Job

“Now if I stay in Laos, I can only wear one pant because it is too hot there. But in Guiyan, if you put on less cloths, ou will get a cold.” In the China-Asean education intercourse week staged in Guiyan, Shi Xiansong, who is the Asean’ exchange student representative in China, was encircled by reporters.

Shi Xiansong, who is 20 years, said, “Many Chinese are doing business in Laos, so Chinese is very popular there. He think that if he can learn Chinese well, he can take the diploma of Chinese university home to find a good job. In August 2008, after graduated from Laos state college, he came to Guizhou university to study MBA.

“I want to study in China for 5 years. I’ve learned Chinese for the last year. And in the following 4 years, I will attend speciality classes with other Chinese classmates. If I pass the exams, I will get the degree of MBA in Guizhou university.” Shi Xianson said, “when I firstly come to China, I can only say ‘Ni Hao’ in Chinese. And I don’t like to eat Guizhou food. I had to cook my meal with other exchange student. After a year’s study, I can fluently talk in Chinese with my Chinese classmates. I gradually like to eat Guizhou’s food.”

In January,2009,Shi Xiansong was invited by his Chinese classmate to spend Chinese spring festival in Kaili, Guizhou. In Kaili Miao villege, he saw the activities like bull fighting, singing and dancing that are like the festivals in Laos. He feel very warm.

When he drank Maotai wine for the first time, Shi Xiansong recalled his grandfather and father who like drinking wine. “I will bring back two bottles of Maotai wine next time I go back Laos. I want to let them taste Chinese good wine,” he said.

At his Laos’s home, there are three younger brothers and two younger sisters. Now, Shi Xiansong hope that his brothers and sisters can study well and they can come to China for study in the future. He said, “The exchange students in China can receive scholarship from government. They can not only learn Chinese, but also master many advanced technologies.”

Shi Xiansong told to the reporter: in the year he studied in China, he has been to some place like Sichuang, Guangxi, and enjoy the natural scenes in China.He also contacted more Chinese and felt the Chinese friendship and zest. He said, “Through the daily study and the life, I can see the strong economic strength of Chinese rapid development.

If you want to learn Chinese now, you can visit this website:

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I am a Chinese teacher.I teaches Chinese to foreigner.If you are interested in learning Chinese,you can visit my website

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