Do you want to learn Russian? If you want, that’s good. If not, we can change. But for those who want to learn this language, some things in Russian should not be ignored by them. We all know that culture plays an important role in learning one language. It is the same to learning Russian.

First, I want to ask you if you often wear shoes at home? The answer must be yes. But for Russian people, they don’t. We think if we don’t wear shoes at home, it is a little bit odd. But for the Russian poeple, they may think we are not normal if we try to wear shoes in the house. Especially when you marry a Russian wife, you need to notice that. She may ask you to do it. You may have some strange feelings, but you had better do it, for it is good not to argue about that.

Second, Russian people will try to paste paper on the wall. Maybe you it is unnecessary to do like that in our modern times. What is the meaning of the wallpaper to us? Of course, you can’t tell. And furthermore, for Russian people, especially women, they are likely to paste some wallpaper that seems not beautiful in the patterns in it. But they think such patterns are gorgeous. This time you may go crazy about Russian culture about room decoration. But the reality is that they are the truth that you cannot change at all. So if you have Russian friends or you have got a Russian wife, try to understand them.

Third, Russians love privacy so much that we should learn from them. When they are inside their room, they don’t like being watched by the passers-by from the street. They feel uncomfortable about that. So they would rather close the window or even pull down the curtain while they are having dinner or something private. That’s good!

Also there are so many other kinds of things in Russian culture which you may feel even less understandable, but interesting and entertaining. If you want to know more, try to learn its language first so that someday you will be lucky to go Russia to experience more.

Nowadays there are so many ways for you to learn Russian, software learning is just part of them. If you think necessary, you can just join them to enjoy your another way of life. Rosetta Stone Russian is one that is suitable to improve your Russian learning.

Besides, there are other kinds of languages you need to learn, like French and Italian. Then you can also choose software learning, Rosetta Stone French and Rosetta Stone Italian maybe will also give you good benefits.

Be alert, languages you learn must be accompanied by culture. With it, you can learn better.

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