Global business opportunities are on the increase and there comes a stage when all international businessmen require assistance when dealing with foreign legal matters and/or legal translation.

In the UK we are in quite a unique position. London is a truly international City, with companies representing countries from all over the world. English is generally regarded and accepted as the International language for business. However what about when a UK firm wants to enter emerging or foreign markets?

A successful business will adapt to the local environment and culture. You cannot impose your language or business strategy to countries which have fundamental ideological differences. Some might cite the example of Google in China as an example of how this is untrue. However Google did adapt to China’s laws, but the politics of it all went too far and Google sadly had to leave China.

When it comes to dealing with foreign businesses you need to ensure that you have a full-proof method of dealing with your legal matters, as different countries, cultures and languages have different ways of approaching law. Whatever the case may be, you cannot depend on quick wins and shortcuts like using Google Translator because that does not understand the language like a native speaker does.

By using a professional translation company they will be able to assist with negotiations, monitor representation, facilitate communication, help bridge the business, cultural, and legal system gaps, and control the flow of information and documentation.

Once you have found a translation company, ensure that you have formalized your agreement in writing. The scope and terms of the agreement should be clearly stated for all parties to agree to. Also make sure that you request a quote for services and be clear on exactly what you will receive for the money you are paying.

The final and probably most important thing to do is to get realistic timelines in place. Legal processes around the world take varying amounts of time depending on the country you are dealing with, so ensure that these timelines are clearly communicated in order to get your money’s worth.

About the Author

My Name is Eddie, I am a freelance writer about different cultures and legal translation. I am currently in issues regarding a professional translation company.

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